Cake Editor Help

Here are some tips to get you started :

Selecting your cake. The number of guests you wish to serve will guide your selection.  An average serve is 65g to 100g.

Uploading your image.  Image must be a jpeg file and should have .jpg after the file name.  File should be at least 50k for our smaller cakes and over 100k for the larger slabs.  Files over 1meg will slow down the whole process and will not improve the quality of the final edible image.  Most programs will have a jpeg option in the "save as" window.  jpeg is the standard file type of 99% of all digital cameras.

Copyright You must tick the permission box to upload your image.  You must be or have the permission of the copyright holder of an image to use it.  We are acting as your agent in making a one off image for your own personal use.  If there is any infringement of copyright you will be the liable party.  Check our "Terms and Conditions" for more information

Moving and Adjusting. Your image can be adjusted within the cake mask by clicking on and dragging the square handles that will appear when you hover your cursor over your image.  Your image will float above the cake mask when the cursor is over the cake and blue mat area but will drop under the mask when your cursor is over the control panel to the right.

Adding Text.  Select a text size from the drop down menu then click the Black default colour box to see the full colour pallet.  Type your message into the type box and click "add".  Your text will appear in the top left corner of the cake image.  You can move text around with the cursor but to change size, colour or text go back to the text box, make your changes then click update. Clicking add will add a second text layer to the image, Clearing the text box and clicking update will delete a text layer.  You can use this feature to vary text placement within your image.

Saving your Image. Once you have your compeleted cake image you can click on the "Save Image" icon.  {The picture going into a folder icon).  A new "Cake Preview" window will open.  If you're happy with the result click "Order Cake".  If image or text  has moved or you just want to change something click on "I want to continue editing" button.  Make your changes and then click "Save Image" again.

Ordering your cake.  The cake order window must have all fields filled.  The email address and name information is how we will contact you to confirm your order and send courier details this information is not kept. The phone number will be on the address label and is for the courier to contact you if no ones at the address to sign for the Cake. The address must not be in a Rural Delivery area (You can check the Post Haste Courier site for more information)  contact us directly to arrange a cake to go to an RD address. Date needed by is so we can contact you if we cannot meet your dead line.  I.E. next day to the South Island.

Payment. Credit Card payment is done via the ANZ eGate site.  One your Cake order is sent to us you will be atomically directed to the ANZ eGate secure site.  Your transaction will be done directly with the bank to ensure maximum security.

Order Confirmation.  Our operating hours are Monday to Friday 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. Saturday 8 A.M. to Mid Day.  Your order will be processed the same day within those hours and a confirmation email sent to you once your order and eGate payments are processed.

eMail Steve for more help / information. <>